Israel – Colorado Innovation Program קול קורא ישראל-קולורדו

רשות החדשנות וקרן ישראל – קולורדו לחדשנות (ICI Fund), מזמינות חברות ישראליות להגשת בקשות למימון פרויקטי סייבר עבור תשתיות קריטיות ותחבורה.

בנוסף הקול הקורא פתוח עבור

פרוייקטים בתחומי האנרגיה, מים, תחבורה, IOT לתשתיות קריטיות, IOT לערים חכמות.

הפרויקטים צריכים להיות בשלב שלאחר PoC: מוכנים  להדגמה  או למסחור בשוק האמריקאי. הפרויקטים הנבחרים יזכו במענק מרשותהחדשנות והשקעה של הקרן. 

לקול הקורא לחצו כאן

The Water/Energy/Transportation (WET) Industries Israel – Colorado industrial R&D Collaboration Program (the “Program”) was created as a result of the ongoing interaction between Colorado and Israel under then MOU signed between the states and was formalized with the signing on the Cooperation Agreement by the Governor of Colorado and the Chief Scientist of Israel on October 19, 2015 (the “Cooperation Agreement”). This Program will be implemented by the Israel Innovation Authority and The Israel – Colorado Innovation Fund (the “ICI Fund) that was assigned by the Governor of Colorado to implement a cooperative framework with the IIA.

The purpose of the Program is to support greater collaboration and synergies between the Colorado innovation ecosystem and Israeli innovative companies in the WET industries and in particular provide a platform for investment in Israeli tech companies that will operate in Colorado in designated areas.

The Program will support projects in the following areas:

Water, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Energy Storage, Energy Efficiency, Smart Grids, Smart Mobility/ Transportation, Big Data, IoT, Smart Manufacturing, Predictive Maintenance, Green Buildings, Environmental solutions and more.

In addition to the above mentioned areas, this Call will focus also on projects related to cyber security solutions for critical infrastructures or cyber security solutions for automotive.

Projects should be in a stage following a proof of concept: ready for demonstration or for commercialization in the US market.

For details, please download the IIA- ICI RFP attachment.

For further questions please contact Jonathan Cohen at