According to Globes article, proposed US tax changes will affect high tech investment in Yokneam and the rest of Israel

IronVision (developed by Elbit Systems Land and C4I) to be tested by the IDF in Merkava MBT

Jane's reports that the IDF will soon conduct trials with IronVision helmet-mounted armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) situational awareness system integrated onto a Merkava main battle tank (MBT).

Honda and VocalZoom partnership cited as prime example of Corporate-Startup partnerships

Honda put us [VocalZoom] in the centre of the booth,” he said. “And that gave tremendous publicity, and the effect was amazing both for investors and other customers. I think Honda did the right thing here because, at the end of the day, it gave Honda the market validation they need that this technology is interesting, and that it will give them more options.”

UPnRIDE - New ability for the disabled

Benjamin Zirman of The Commentator: "Thanks to an Israeli startup company that created UPnRIDE, a revolutionary device that allows quadriplegics to stand up and move around almost anywhere, thousands of paralyzed people are about to have their wish come true."