Honda and VocalZoom partnership cited as prime example of Corporate-Startup partnerships

Honda put us [VocalZoom] in the centre of the booth,” he said. “And that gave tremendous publicity, and the effect was amazing both for investors and other customers. I think Honda did the right thing here because, at the end of the day, it gave Honda the market validation they need that this technology is interesting, and that it will give them more options.”

UPnRIDE - New ability for the disabled

Benjamin Zirman of The Commentator: "Thanks to an Israeli startup company that created UPnRIDE, a revolutionary device that allows quadriplegics to stand up and move around almost anywhere, thousands of paralyzed people are about to have their wish come true."

FieldIn’s software helps commercial farmers eliminate spraying mistakes, reducing the number of sprays and overall use of pesticides on their crops

“Every year $14 billion is spent on pesticides for specialty crops, and pest management accounts for 15 to 20 percent of total seasonal expenditures, but it’s like a black hole because they’re operating blind. FieldIn serves as their eyes.”

Will Apex Parnters buy Syneron Medical

Over the past couple days there have been a number of reports that Syneron and Apax Partners are negotiating a deal. 

Panoramic thermal-imaging driving system for military vehicles introduced by Senso Optics

John Keller  wrote in Military & Aerospace Electronics that  Senso Optics in Yokneam, Israel, is introducing the Senso Drive panoramic night-vision system for military vehicles, armored personnel carriers, and main battle tanks with night driving capability in the harsh conditions of military operations.

Martin J. Madden appointed to Microbot Medical's Board of Directors

Mr. Madden’s diversified and extensive R&D experience in the development of medical devices includes hundreds of projects in multiple medical spaces, many of which reached successful commercialization stage.  Mr. Madden recently retired from Johnson & Johnson after a 30 year career.

Study at La Fe University Hospital in Valencia, Spain finds that Given Imaging capsule endoscopy visualizes recurrences of Crohn’s disease

The test found that capsule endoscopy can identify disease recurrence in 62 percent of patients, whereas colonoscopy identified evidence of the disease in only 25 percent.

Joint research to evaluate self-cleaning shunt device designed to prevent obstruction in cerebrospinal fluid catheters

On Monday, Microbot Medical announced its research collaboration agreement with Washington University School of Medicine. Microbot Medical expects that the studies, which will be administered by recognized experts in the field of Hydrocephalus, will be completed in 2018.