CAM Electronics

Established in 1995, the CAM GROUP consists of four affiliated companies: CAMRACAMARCAM - all of which are devoted to electronic production, from prototype to mass orders, and certified for ISO 9001:2000 EN 46001, ISO 13485 - and CAM SHALKAZ, a real estate enterprise. Located on a combined expanse of 6,000 sq.m, the CAM group is staffed by 300 professional engineers, technicians and qualified assembly workers.

With three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, the CAM GROUP uses the following equipment:
  Advanced SMT production lines with sophisticated Phillips
  and Fuji equipment.
  ICT: Teredyn, SPEA, HP & Flying Probe.
  X-Ray: Glenbrook RTX 2500.
  Wave Soldering: Soltec, SeHo and Electrovert machines.
  Micro BGA rework station.
  Complete range of advanced, full service equipment.

With a total production capacity of 500 million SMT components per year, the CAM GROUP is a leading player in Israel's electronics field, servicing many of the country's foremost computer, telecom, multimedia, satellite and cellular companies.

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