Yokneam's has a rich mix of technologies that cross-pollinate each other.

The rural cosmopolitan environment of Yokneam and its potpourri of surrounding communities has turned it into Israel's alternative to Tel Aviv for startups. Since 1989, the tax benefits and investment grants available to technology companies in Yokneam have attracted startups from all sectors of the economy: Homeland Security and Defense, Optics, Clean Tech, Industrial Process, Business Management and more.

Homeland Security

Israel's circumstances have made it a world leader in defense and homeland security technologies.

Image Recognition

The expected CAGR until 2019 for Image Recognition Technologies is 21.6%.

Clean Tech & Agrotech

Feeding the world and making it a better place.

Industrial Processes & Business Management

Yokneam's culture of innovation turned relatively small companies into technological leaders.


The diversity of technologies developed in Yokneam is too great to classify all.