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2.72.2211370 5 Hamada St, South Hi-Tec Park, Yoqneam 2069200 P.O.B 507, Israel | Tel: +97 | Improved Communication Capabilities & Powerful Integration Offered With Triple+ NGL™ version 4.0 YOQNEAM, Israel Jan. 06, 2016 ––

Triple Plus Ltd. has announced the release of Triple+ NGL™ version 4.0 of its Gas Leak Management System, featuring a redesign of the wireless communication capabilities to assure extended range to guarantee simpler-to-install system. The release improves communication capabilities and the ability to integrate Triple+ NGL™ with 3rd party solutions, bringing unique battery operated and wireless gas leak management system.

This newest version of Triple+ NGL™ presents additional capabilities of integration with 3rd party safety, security and fire products. Such integration enables the Triple+ NGL™ shutoff valves to be activated either by the system gas sensors (NG and\or LPG) or by the 3rd party systems, thus making the installation simpler and cheaper and does not require the involvement of an electrician. With the newly released version, Triple+ NGL™ fully supports a third-party dry contact signal input, allowing direct interfacing with various systems.

A good example for such a collaboration would be the implementation with “fume hood” or “fume cupboard” systems - ventilation devices, designed to limit the exposure to hazardous or toxic fumes or vapors. Triple+ NGL™ gas leak detectors and NGL™ Shut-Off unit are now implemented into the fume hood framework. In addition to its native ability to detect fire bursts, the “NGL™ reinforced” fume hood system is able to detect gas leaks and cease the gas supply immediately and wirelessly upon the detection of the event.

Shut-Off unit response time (the time interval between the detection of the leak by one of the supported detectors/detector power supply disconnection and the actual completion of the closing cycle by the Shut-Off unit) was reduced by more than 4 seconds due to the improved data sampling algorithm. With the new software release, we ensure less than 11 seconds to full closure, reducing the amount of gas leak. Radio transmission range has been significantly improved due to implementation of more powerful RF transmission methods, all within FCC allowed radiation boundaries. The functionality of the LED indicator has been redefined to avoid any ambiguity in regards. Currently, when the Gas Detector LED provides a constant uninterrupted indication (not blinking), the implication is that the radio transmission is flawless and the Detector is perfectly paired (synchronized) with the Shut-off valve. Triple+ NGL™ V4.0 is the most effective system in addressing the root cause for gas leak huge damages. The system detects gas leaks and automatically shut of the gas supply and stop the leak.

Triple+ NGL™ is fitted within minutes with little to no infrastructure changes. The improved extended wireless communication range makes the installation easier and smoother. As the system is battery operated, installing the system requires no electrician. “It is a truly open system that allows users to put together a total integrated solution,” said Igor Greenblat, Product Manager of Triple Plus Ltd. “The redesigned wireless capabilities help our customers to experience long range installation with lower limitations in regards with the location of the different system components. By running the new installation process, the professional installer can address longer range installations, if necessary.”

For more information about Triple+ NGL™ 4.0, visit 2.72.2211370 5 Hamada St, South Hi-Tec Park, Yoqneam 2069200 P.O.B 507, Israel | Tel: +97 |

About Triple Plus

Triple+ is an innovative and leading manufacturer and marketer of products and services within the IoT (Internet of Things) arena. Triple+ offers solutions for averting property damage, injury and financial losses due to gas and water leaks. Triple+ broad product and service portfolio are designed for use in residential and commercial environment. The company’s line of products is based on its own proprietary technologies, includes automatically shut off water and gas valves whenever risky events such as leaks are detected or when people leave buildings unattended. We help home and business owners to increase operational efficiencies, improve customer safety and prevent damages. When you invest in your water and gas infrastructure, innovation really matters, from the products themselves to the people behind them. We offer solutions for the professional installers using rock solid materials and ground-breaking technology. Our team knows the industry from the inside out, and provides end-to-end services.

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