The Citi Accelerator Program

The Citi Accelerator offers FinTech startups the opportunity to gain unique access to Citi worldwide. The program is 4 months long, and consists of a workspace in Citi’s Tel Aviv Innovation Lab, where the participating companies are mentored by key decision makers at the bank from all over the world during the program. The mentorship at times results in a pilot or POC with Citi. The program includes both Financial and Technological mentorship by Citi personnel and industry leaders and professionals in Entrepreneurship, Business, Fund raising, Legal, Accounting and more. Companies from all FinTech fields are welcome to apply. We are interested in multiple areas of solutions, including data intelligence, capital markets, payments, IoT, consumer banking, analytics and more. We are looking for companies of all stages, and focus on advanced companies who have a working product, preferably with multiple clients. We are looking for capable entrepreneurs who are interested in working hard and making things happen, learning and iterating, and offering innovative solutions for the financial industry. We will be holding a meetup on March 30th where you can learn more about the program.

Details here: The program is free of charge; we do not take equity or invest in the companies. Class #5 begins on May 17th, 2016 The last day to apply to Class #5 is April 7th.

Apply here: Tsafrir Atar Head of Citi Accelerator and External Innovation | Innovation Lab | Citi Israel


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