Soft Starting Water Desalination Applications for Solcon's HRVS-DN

Solcon has a long track record of engineering and implementing reliable and durable soft starting solutions at water facilities and treatment plants around the world. Recently, Solcon was awarded two large desalination projects by a returning customer, who is a leading international engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company.

Desalination plants are being constructed in many parts of the world to supply drinking water to growing populations, especially in arid and drought-prone areas. Water pumps in such plants drive high pressure sea-water through filtering membranes in order to becoming drinking water. The filtration system is extremely sensitive and requires careful control of the water pressure flowing through the system. It's necessary to ensure that the water pressure increase rate will not exceed 1Bar/s. A traditional configuration is often comprised of a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) that is used to start the application as well as a complex hydraulic system put in place to minimize possible damage to the pipes and membranes.

However, Solcon developed a number of features dedicated to starting desalination pumps providing complete control of the desalination pump's starting speed and the water pressure increase rate during the starting/stopping process as well as maintaining a reduced starting current to avoid motor overheating. The entire feature package was integrated into the standard HRVS-DN starting software to provide customers with straight forward, efficient and cost effective starting solution.

HRVS-DN soft starters have been successfully commissioned in desalination facilities around the world including 10 units at the customer's facility in 2010. Based on the customer's satisfaction with the performance of the system, they specifically requested Solcon's system for two brand new desalination plants which will be constructed in 2016. The projects will include a total of 17 HRVS-DN Medium Voltage Soft Starters. Eleven HRVS-DN units (6.6kV, 110A) will be supplied to a desalination plant designed for a 30,000m3 per day capacity; the remaining 6 HRVS-DN units (11kV, 70A) will be supplied to a desalination plant designed for a 200,000m^3 per day capacity.  Visit us: