Resin Producer Lawter Triples Storage Performance With Zadara Storage

Resin Producer Lawter Triples Storage Performance With Zadara Storage

Replacing IBM array This is a Press Release edited by  on 2015.12.08

Zadara Storage Ltd, a provider of enterprise storage-as-a-service (STaaS), announced that Lawter, a subsidiary of the Japanese company Harima Chemicals Group, Inc. , has replaced their IBM storage with its Virtual Private Storage Array (VPSA) architecture to support their SAP applications worldwide.

By working with Zadara's partner Dimension Data, Inc., a provider of IT solutions and services, Lawter has been able to upgrade their aging IT infrastructure to address performance, security and cost challenges, and also position themselves for future growth.

Dimension Data has completed the first phase of the modernization of the ICT infrastructure of Lawter. Lawter was looking to replace their older infrastructure with a more scalable, higher performing, and easier to manage environment.

With business critical SAP applications hosted by Dimension Data in both Amsterdam and London, Lawter was looking to leverage the scalability and flexibility of cloud-based as-a-service solutions. Their SAP application is running on SQL Server in a HA cluster. One of Lawter's primary concerns was that the prior IBM infrastructure was only providing about 11,000 IO/s and Lawter needed a minimum of 20,000 IO/s in each location. With the guidance of Dimension Data, Lawter deployed the VPSA Enterprise Storage-as-a-Service architecture and is now seeing 30,000 IO/s - or triple their prior performance, and 50% greater than their initial goal.

By replacing their older storage array with the VPSA, Lawter is able to move away from a CapEx model and leverage the OpEx Storage-as-a-Service model provided by Zadara Storage. In addition to the cost advantages of an OpEx-only model, Lawter is elastic and scalable in all directions. They can add or remove storage capacity and performance as needed and only pay for what they use.

"*When we moved our storage from a traditional array into the cloud, we were very impressed with Zadara's performance isolation,*" said Antony Poppe, global network and virtualization manager, Lawter. "*They were the only solution we could find that provided isolation to eliminate the 'noisy neighbor' problem. Additionally, their as-a-service business model dramatically reduced our management overhead, further reducing our overall costs.*"

"We are pleased to be able to add Lawter to the Zadara family," said Dani Naor, VP, international sales, Zadara. "*Their requirements for high-performance, highly-secure storage in an agile, scalable, as-a-service model fit our profile perfectly. More and more customers worldwide are abandoning the traditional CapEx array model and adopting Zadara's STaaS model to address their growing storage requirements.*"