TerraLab Ventures Announces EmekTech Meetings

EmekTech is a tech and entrepreneurship meetup group that will meet ~ once a month, in order to share ideas, network and be inspired by great speakers and inventors in our very own Emek Yizrael.

The events are free of charge and all are welcome, from the hi-tech park, your friends, colleagues, family and anyone who loves innovation (and beer :-) )

We already have our first meetup planned for Sep 6th, you can find more details in our meetup group – EmekTech - http://www.meetup.com/EmekTech/

EmekTech is powered by TerraLab Ventures, We would like to open our doors to any friend from the area who'd like to know more about entrepreneurship and breakthrough technologies!

If you have any recommendations for speakers, events, or you'd like to share your ideas / help with the organization of the group, you are welcome to drop me a note.


Orna and EmekTech Team.

For more details and registration please go to -