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Amarel Company has been providing professional services to manufacturing industries in Israel and around the world since 2004. The Company provides complementary services in various professional fields, such as Engineering Documentation, Maintenance, Technical Writing, Training Development, Training and Implementation and Project Management. With over 150 employees, Amarel has accumulated years of professional knowledge and experience working in the dynamic and competitive markets of the defense sector, as well as the private sector. Amarel offers its clients tailor-made professional services and solutions that meet their individual needs, using sophisticated models, advanced methodologies and cutting-edge technologies. From systems development to the implementation stage - Amarel is with you every step of the way.
Amarel Company has an ISO 9001:2008 certification and is a Ministry of Defense supplier.

Dudu Haimovich

Dudu Haimovich
  • HDE Engineering - founded in 2003
  • Designs, develops, consults and executes projects in the mechanical, electromechanical, medical, communication, military and electronic systems fields.
    • Mechanical Engineering and Design
    • Systems Enclosures and Platform
    • System Integration
    • Turnkey Projects
    • Advanced Medical Packaging

Contact Information:, +972-4-9530980, +972-54-4818817, Fax: +972-77-4448173

Danny Mann

Danny Mann
  • Effective Implementations Ltd,
    Effective Implementations expertise are in structuring Operational infrastructure and processes for organizations. We are implementers of Priority ERP & Qlikview BI. Priority ERP is the most popular ERP system in Israel, supporting from startup phase to a mature company. Each step with its adequate price. Formed in 2010, the company has tens of customers & 15 employees Effective Implementations has full skills to cope any customer need.
  • HanDy Mann Ltd,
    From Concept to Delivery, HanDy Mann is a Product Engineering company that specializes in NPI processes. HanDy Mann  provides System engineering, product management, configuration control, DFx services, QA, mechanical design, component engineering, a technical & logistic center in the USA and all industrial needs.  

Contact Info:  +972-54-5201077