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Lean Leadership Certification

Lean Leadership Certification is an annual course that gives participants three levels of certification:

  1. Lean Practitioner

  2. Lean Expert

  3. Lean Transformation Leader

The qualifications emphasize personal and group experience, discussions and questions. We encourage openness, sharing and connecting the acquired knowledge to the work environment and personal experience. Each certification includes simulation and exercises that allow hands-on experience with principles and practices.

The course is based on the Shingo Model of Organizational Excellence, with each step in the course raising a level throughout the model.

Each accreditation will include a tour of an assimilated organization or a call with a Lean carrier.

This course brings Lean leaders from a variety of sectors in the economy, creating fascinating peer learning that enables an open arena of discussion, thinking, mutual productivity and coping with organizational challenges.

The cost of the certifications : 
Stage I Lean Practitioner - 4,100 NIS + VAT 
Phase II Lean Expert - 4,100 NIS + VAT 
Phase III Lean Transformation Leader - 4,500 NIS + VAT 
Phase II + I - 7,626 NIS + VAT

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