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China-Israel Life Science B2B Event

  • Hayarden 4 Airport City Israel (map)

Unique opportunity to meet with six leading Chinese corporations seeking collaboration with Israeli Companies!

Israeli companies are invited to meet with senior representatives from leading Chinese companies from the city of Changzhou (Jiangsu Province) in the fields of life sciences - medical devices, pharma, hygiene products, medical packaging and more.

Meetings will be held at a B2B matching event on March 6, 2017 from 13:30-18:00 at the offices of the Israel Innovation Authority (Hayarden 4, Airport City, Einstein Hall, 4th Floor).

The event is being organized by the Israel Innovation Authority (formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist) to support Chinese companies seeking to create business connections with Israeli companies for the purpose of investment, collaboration, tech licensing and more .


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Company list :



 Jiangsu Runde Medical Materials Co., Ltd. 
 Fields: Medical Polymer Packaging, medical hygiene materials


Jiangsu Runde Medical Materials is a private company that manufactures and sells Class-I medical polymer packaging products of butyl rubber stopper, infusion use Euro Cap and connector, and Class-I medical health and hygiene materials

Seeking: Investment opportunities or acquisition, Tech licensing or acquisition – the company is requesting new medical rubber synthesis technique and rubber surface coated technique, and the related technique; equity financing & merger and acquisition




Changzhou Yanling Electronic Equipment Co. Ltd. 
 Fields: Electro-surgery


Founded in 1992, Yanling is a private company specializing in the R&D, manufacturing, and marketing of advanced electro-surgery systems and accessories. In March 2008, the company created a new manufacturing base of 20,000 square meters. The company’s R&D, testing, and inspection staff are professional technical personnel, accounting for more than 50% of all employees. The company attaches great importance to new product development and product upgrade. The company's R&D investment for 5 years remained at about 5% of gross output value to ensure the product quality and grade of the mainstream position in the industry. The company also introduced the ATS-I single and double channel automatic tourniquet system; gynecological LEEP surgery system; Argon-enhanced coagulation and cut system; CPM upper/ lower joint rehabilitation device; disposal Electrosurgical pencil; POWER420-NP series disposable patient plates, disposable non-stick forceps and tip cleaner and other products, now we are committed to the research of intelligent electrosurgical instruments. The company is certified by CMD and electrosurgical generator products have CE certification by TÜV (SÜD).

Seeking: Tech licensing or acquisition, on electrosurgical aspects of technology and other related medical technology.

 Changzhou Institute of Chemistry
 Field: Pharma, chemicals

The Changzhou Institute of Chemistry is a state-owned company with research interests in the following technology fields: green catalysis, synthesis of fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates and functional polymer materials, etc., to carry out the basic research and applied research. The company’s new product: biodegradable aliphatic polycarbonate test in technology and products, aluminum series catalyst technology and products

Seeking: looking for partners and technology exchange specifically for the application of the biodegradable aliphatic polycarbonate


Changzhou Institute of Materia Medica Co. LTD
 Field: Medical Devices and Skin-Care

The Changzhou Institute of Materia Medica is committed to research on biodegradable materials composed of biomacromolecules. The company is mainly engaged in the manufacturing of sodium hyaluronate related medical devices, including HA gel for postsurgical anti-adhesion and HA ophthalmic viscoelastic substances. At present, the company has been researching cross-linked sodium hyaluronate gel for facial plastic surgery, cross-linked sodium hyaluronate membrane for postsurgical anti-adhesion, collagen for wound treatment, chitosan and dextran. Additionally, they have been developing hyaluronic acid related skin care products, such as masks, cream, serum and so on.

Seeking: Investment opportunities or acquisition. The company hopes to introduce more mature high-end medical dressings and orthopedic supply products. The investment can be in the country or outside, as the case may be.

Past tech/licensing experience: The company has launched a joint development program on collagen medical devices with NMI Institute in Germany in July 2013. They also set up an office in Tubingen in March 2015. Our total investment has amounted to €380,000.


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