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ASI at the 28th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Human Genetics (GFH)

ASI will exhibit at the GFH.

German Society of Human Genetics

The German Society of Human Genetics, formerly the "Society of Anthropology and Human Genetics", was founded in 1987. Its principal objective is the promotion of research, education and practitioning in all areas of human genetics. The society organizes scientific meetings, conferences and workshops to share and discuss scientific progress. In addition, the society encourages and integrates different scientific and clinical specialties of human genetics.

The GfH closely cooperates with other German, European or international scientific societies. The society publishes the journal medizinischegenetik in collaboration with the Austrian Society of Human Genetics ( and the Swiss Society of Medical Genetics (, and the German Association of Clinical Genetics (

Both, the executive board and its committees work on public relations by the development of position statements on a variety of clinical, ethical, social and legal issues. The Academy of Human Genetics as a permanent institution of the GfH offers continuous medical education (CME) for physicians and scientists in the field of human genetics. An important activity of the GfH is the establishment of standards for good human genetic laboratory practice as well as good genetic counseling practice and to publish guidelines for quality assessment in clinical genetic services. The GfH established a special educational program that allows scientists (e.g. biologists, biochemists) certified as "Fachhumangenetiker/in (GfH)" - clinical genetic laboratory specialist (GfH) - to work as professionals in clinical genetics and patients care.

In all areas of human genetics the Society is the central institution to address questions on basic science, research, and clinical genetics. 

GFH Topics 2017

Keynote Lecture

  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Hanns Hatt: Genetics of Smelling and Human Olfactory Receptors (in German)

Plenary Sessions

  • Session 1: Christine M. Disteche: X-chromosome inactivation
  • Session 2: David Goldstein: High-throughput sequencing approaches in neuropsychiatric diseases


  • Modelling Hereditary Diseases with iPSCs
  • Intracellular Organelles and their Diseases
  • Huntington Disease
  • Consequences of Human Germline Variations
  • The Genetic and Epigenetic Basis of Obesity
  • Genomics of Immune Mechanisms

Abstract Topics

- Basic Mechanisms and Epigenetics
- Cancer Genetics
- Clinical Genetics, Genetic Counselling and Prenatal Diagnosis
- Complex Diseases, Population & Evolutionary Genetics and Genetic Epidemiology
- Cytogenetics and CNVs
- Monogenic Disease – from Gene Identification to Molecular Mechanism
- Technology and Bioinformatics
- Therapy for Genetic Diseases


Pro & Contra Sessions (German only)

  • NIPD Genomuntersuchungen / ethische Aspekte
  • Informed Consent bei genomweiten Analysen

Talk nach 12 (German only)

  • Quo vadis Humangenetik – Der neue EBM

Educational Sessions (German only)

  • Der (un-)gelöste Fall: Dermatogenetik
  • Der (un-)gelöste Fall: Hirnfehlbildungen


Earlier Event: March 27
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