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BiosenseWebster: ICE Workshop for EP and IC Physicians Salt Lake City

  • Salt Lake City UT (map)


This one day program is led by our physician faculty, who review concepts and provide hands-on training on the use of ultrasound in electrophysiology and structural heart practice. Topics include: 

• Intracardiac echocardiography (ICE) ultrasound imagery
• Transseptal visualization and puncture techniques
• Mapping and ablation procedure workflows
• Diagnostic, therapeutic and ultrasound catheters
• Fluoroscopy reduction strategies

Upon completion of this course, attendees should be able to:
• Have a comprehensive understanding of intracardiac ultrasound
• Manipulate the ICE catheter to achieve all standard views
• Differentiate normal and abnormal intracardiac anatomy
• Evaluate alternative imaging techniques
• Create 3D geometry utilizing ultrasound contours
• Utilize ultrasound in fluoroscopy reduction
Understand the value of using ICE for safety and efficacy during procedures
• Apply best practices for transseptal procedure
• Identify strategies for optimum FO puncture
• Recognize complications utilizing real time ultrasound
Optimize ultrasound use in conjunction with other leading edge technologies
• 3D geometry creation
• Multi-electrode mapping integration
• Advanced map interpretation techniques
• Optimizing ultrasound use with ablation technology