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Kaminario at IP EXPO Europe

Kaminario will exhibit at stand KK18. It will participate in the Cloud Europe and Network & Infrastructure Europe events.

IP EXPO Europe is Europe's number ONE IT event for those looking to find out how the latest IT innovations can drive their business forward

Six events under ONE roof

Cloud Europe


Cloud Europe at IP EXPO Europe showcases the next generation of cloud solutions for enterprises. Discover how the hottest new technologies can help you build more scalable, agile, efficient IT.

Cyber Security Europe

Securing The Digital Enterprise

Cyber Security Europe at IP EXPO Europe offers invaluable security insight for both IT managers and security specialists. Hear from the experts how you can build stronger defences against cyber-attacks, and recover more quickly if your systems are breached.

Networks & Infrastructure Europe

Powering the Data Centre

Networks & Infrastructure Europe at IP EXPO Europe showcases solutions and strategies for building efficient, future-proof infrastructures. Heads of IT and infrastructure managers can explore all the latest, value-added data centre technologies, from power and cooling to compute equipment and hosting.

Data Analytics Europe

Insight into the Digital Enterprise

Data Analytics Europe at IP EXPO Europe helps heads of IT, data analysts and CRM managers get more insight from big data – faster. Learn about the leading big data platforms and discover how cloud solutions can stretch your budget further.

Devops Europe

Enabling Continuous Delivery

DevOps Europe at IP EXPO Europe is the industry’s only free-to-attend event for the DevOps community. Our DevOps-focused keynotes, seminars and solutions help you make agile architectures and continuous delivery a reality in your business.

Open Source Europe

Future of Collaborative Code

New for 2016, Open Source at IP EXPO Europe showcases the latest best practices and technologies from the industry. IT leaders can learn from top Open Source experts and see demos from the technology providers that can guide and advise