Optiguide controlled Humidity Solutions

Optiguide controlled Humidity Solutions

Optiguide is the only company that can offer customers a complete Controlled Humidity Solution, combining our know-how in field applications with true “dry fog” humidity and reliable, accurate control. Whatever your humidity needs, Optiguide has the solution. There are other companies that sell foggers, and other companies that make control devices. Only Optiguide’s has the system expertise in both fog atomization and in electro-optical control to save money, reduce loss and increase quality for our customers.

We have climbed through cold stores and ship’s holds, donned whites in clean rooms, and worked in greenhouses and wineries to learn the field applications of our customers. And with our own research and development we maintain our links to the leading research institutions, where Optiguide was born.

Our products have features not available on other systems: our patented Tabor FogRight Atomizer supplies “dry fog” micro-droplets through a large non-clogging orifice. Our OptiSense Humidistat uses proprietary fiber-optic technology to control humidity in the highest range from 90% to 99% RH, where other RH meters become saturated and fail in the field.

Our commitment to find a solution for our customers needs makes Optiguide unique. Whatever your humidity needs, Optiguide has the Controlled Humidity Solution.

Contact Info: info@optiguide.co.il, 04-9097000 (tel) and 04-9594050 (fax)