Form for adding an event

Note: It is recommended that after filling in the form in part 1, you also upload a logo for the event in part 2 (or email it to The logo will be added to the event entry.

Part 1: Event Details

Event location
Event location
Include at least the city and state or country. Include your booth number for a trade show if known.
Start Date *
Start Date
Start Time
Start Time
If you are not sure - enter 1:23 AM.
End Date *
End Date
This can be the same as the Start Date.
End Time
End Time
If you are not sure - guess because a time is required to create a calendar entry. You can always contact me later to make a change.
Short text that will appear under the title on the listing of events.
Include any information that you want about the event. This can include why the event is important, information about the speaker, information about a new product that you will introduce.
This can be a web site for the event or a URL on your website.
Who should I contact if I have any questions? Include name and email/phone.

Part 2: Event Logo