Shemer Motion

Shemer Motion has operated as a motion system house for the last 15 years.

Shemer Motion has 50 EEs and a 2,000 square meter facility which includes 750 square meters of clean room space and 350 square meters of control environment production floor space.

We focus on HMLV (High Mix Low Volume) high precision motion and opto-mechanic systems which operate in cyclical markets facing frequent ramps and decelerations.

We specialize in assembly and high end integration of both small and large complex motion systems along with capital equipment and high level turn-key assembly and integration (up to ship to customer level).

We integrate complex motion and mechano-optic sub assemblies using advanced testing and measuring equipment to meet our clients’ high demand for system applications.
Our production facility includes a spacious clean room for both vacuum and high cleaning demands including opto-mechanical motion systems and controlled environment for basic cleaning demands.
Shemer Motion’s primary expertise lies in the fields of precision assembly and integration within the micron range.

Over the last three years we have diversified and extended our capabilities using Jabil Shemer synergy to provide high level system integration options that are not limited to motion products, but also provide a one-stop shop up to the complete machine/system. This benefits our clients in terms of flexibility, cost, logistics, engineering and 24/7 service and post sales support.
The group’s internal capability to design and produce sheet metal parts, machined parts, cables and PDUs in addition to our own robust supply chain management capabilities enable us to offer our clients:
1. Commercial benefits (in terms of low total cost of ownership).
2. Operational excellence (short LT, high flexibility and 100% on-time-delivery).

Shemer Motion’s main market segments are:
• Semiconductor.
• Analytical inspection tools (AOL, FPD and AOI).
• Digital printing

Our customer base includes market leaders such as:
Applied Materials, KLA, Nova and Orbotech.

All of the above enable us to support our clients, ranging from start-ups to global corporations, through the different PLC phases. From our R&D support via extensive NPI project management, serial production supporting rapid changes, managing ECR/ECO process and up to product transition to legacy support solutions.
Shemer Motion’s perception is that our clients are our long term business partners and that our production floor is part of our clients’ production floors. This approach yields a deep understanding of our clients’ business environment related needs.

Shemer Motion believes in a relatively small and focused customer base. Every now and then we establish new long term business co-operation with start-up companies and grow along with them.