n-Join Openings




  • Two to three years of experience as a DevOps engineer

  • High degree of expertise with Linux environments 

  • Proven experience working with configuration management tools such as Puppet, Chef, Ansible or Salt

  • Feels at home working with relational databases

  • Fluent Bash, Python, or Ruby on Rails skills 

  • Knows build systems, especially Maven and Gradle

  • Jenkins proficiency

  • Cloud expertise, especially AWS


Preferred Experience:

  • Experience with NoSQL databases 

  • Packaging expertise 


Contact: hr@n-join.com





  • Implement and maintain the software product and related APIs and frameworks.

  • Work in a lean, agile, fast-paced, and well-tested code development environment with a small, high-quality group.

  • Produce modular, robust, and high-performance software.

  • Produce clear, legible, and well-documented code.


  • Bachelor's degree in CS

  • Deep knowledge of Java, its core libraries, and standard third-party libraries

  • Four-plus years of experience working with large, high-quality, server-side software systems

  • Solid experience working with Linux environments

  • Knowledge of relational databases and SQL

  • Devoted user of best practices for software development

  • Basic understanding of networking and network protocols

  • Excellent communication skills

Preferred experience:

  • Machine learning, data mining, and/or signal analysis

  • Non-relational databases or indexers 

  • Big data, scalability, parallel processing frameworks

  • Industrial automation environments and related protocols and standards

  • Security, anomaly/intrusion detection

ontact: hr@n-join.com