ADT Openings Overseas (China)

Process & Sales Engineer - Blades (China)

Job Description:   A combined job of Sales and Applications/Process Engineer for ADT dicing blades.  He/She should be capable of doing process and blade evaluation for diversified applications on customer production floor as well as promoting and selling blades. After initial training at ADT office in Shanghai, followed by a mentoring period in field work, he/she, is expected to independently approach target customers, develop personal relations with relevant customers employees, present ADT provisions, convince the customer to try and evaluate ADT blades, support any necessary on-site activities as well as communicate results and requirements to his/her manager and close all necessary procedures to substantiate opportunities into orders. 

The job requires frequent traveling in China including to distant customers.

The job requires communication with customer’s technical, administrative and occasionally management team as well as with ADT local and factory team.


  • Desirably an engineering degree in materials
  • 3-5 years of experience in process development (as an Applications Engineer) in the back-end microelectronics (desirably in dicing) is a must
  • Proven sales of consumable products (preferably dicing blades) for the microelectronics and semiconductors industry. 


  • English - Shall be able to handle reasonable conversation and verbal communication
  • Should have good reading/writing skills so as to write reports independently and manage all inter-company communication by e-mails.  


  • Able to learn quickly and independently
  • Communicative, reliable, team-worker, creative, curious, friendly
  • Should have technical and analytical skills, systematic and methodological thinking, patience and tolerance and ability to perform well under stress/pressure
  • Should be ready to travel in China and work long hours


  • South China - a resident of Shenzhen or Guangdong Province (Guangzhou, Dongguan, Huizhou), 
  • North China - a resident of Beijing or Tianjin,
  • West China - a resident of Chongqing, Chengdu


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